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  1. Slayven
    Slayven Crunchy
    ya get his but in gear tell him to join that discord so we can make some plans please sir.
  2. Slayven
    Slayven Crunchy
    Come on wit it let's roll.
    U would not have contacts with any old members would u. Carebear, Dark, mainly.
    Korak said he got carebear on steam, but has not been on in 8 days. I'm in contact with Graktor and Hellforth, Jen passed away..the theee brothers. Blixxer is still around. Cro kills will be with us. Trying to get a hold of Jayro.
    My brother will be joining us.
    1. Crunchy
      I have carebear on facebook I'll talk to him. Got jayro on steam, soon as I have a computer I'll hit him upp. I'll talk to carebear today tho!!
      Mar 25, 2017 at 3:43 PM
  3. Slayven
    Slayven Crunchy
    here is a Discord link to some old Carnage members I'm trying to reunite for launch if interested let me know and come join us
    will understand if you have other plans.
    1. Crunchy likes this.
    2. Crunchy
      I don't have other plans brotha.. I am trying to get a computer together for launch, just been hard, all my $$ goes to my mother's cancer treatment/doctor/hospital bills.. but will hope fully figure something out in time for launch. I've been itching to play some DF..
      Mar 25, 2017 at 10:40 AM
    3. Crunchy
      I'm 100% down though!! Shit I did CoFound Carnage, was jus young n dumb back then bailed ship early lol.. Lets do it right this time Big Dawwg
      Mar 25, 2017 at 10:45 AM
  4. OmegaLibra
  5. remmold
    Hardcore Pvenoob
  6. Dazz
    Dazz Hentai
    Hola! Primera vez que veo alguien de chile, si necesitas algo de ayuda con el juego me avisas, saludos!
  7. Leetwar
    Leetwar skreww L00se
    Been looking for you since I started a week ago. Exile Madarr from DFO. Can't remember what my name was eu/beta /that trash unholy wars game. Strong Hand in Game.
  8. DayDay
    I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!
  9. Pimptight
    Alfar at launch
  10. OmegaLibra
    OmegaLibra Pimptight
    you launching a Mahirim?
  11. OmegaLibra
    OmegaLibra Kotic
    you launching a Mahirim?
    1. Kotic
      What? Who is this?
      Mar 9, 2017
  12. OmegaLibra
    OmegaLibra Kalos
    you launching a Mahirim?
  13. OmegaLibra
    OmegaLibra Strip Tease
    you launching a Mahirim?
  14. OmegaLibra
    OmegaLibra Email Virus
    you launching a Mahirim?
  15. OmegaLibra
    OmegaLibra Inositol
    you launching a Mahirim?
    1. Inositol
      Probably alfar
      Mar 8, 2017
  16. OmegaLibra
    OmegaLibra Kilset
    you launching a Mahirim?
  17. OmegaLibra
    OmegaLibra Akanon Arrowrain
    you launching a Mahirim?
  18. OmegaLibra
    OmegaLibra Baby Eater
    you launching a Mahirim?
  19. OmegaLibra
    OmegaLibra Sique
    you launching a Mahirim?
    1. Sique
      Probably not, elf female or human male.
      Mar 8, 2017
  20. OmegaLibra
    OmegaLibra Fenris
    you launching a Mahirim?